By purchasing a design/printing you have read the Terms & Conditions and agree to comply with the policy.
This policy is subject to change without prior notice, please read the policy before purchasing any items.

Digital Items:

Returns & Exchange Details
Digital items -NO REFUNDS are allowed. If We have sent the wrong image/design to you by mistake we will correct it and send the correct one.
Purchasing these designs DOES NOT transfer copyright ownership, you may use the designs as a one time end-product, do not take credit or watermark designs.

-Duplicate, copy, sell, distribute or share these graphics/designs under any circumstances
-Create brushes, rubber stamps, resell as clip art, or offer as freebies
-Resell any/part/all of the graphic sheets
-Claim the images as your own
-All Images are copyrighted by Active Ink Media

Printing Items:

Active Ink Media does not proofread nor flag or correct errors. It is your responsibility to double check all design proofs and ensure the validity of your data. Invalid addresses, typos, misspellings, inaccurate zip codes etc. are not the responsibility of Active Ink Media and additional fees for correction will be the responsibility of client. We strongly suggest to read/proof and re-check all design proofs. Once all designs are approved by client, we will send to printing. Once sent to printing, we are not responsible for any grammatical errors or typos.

Due to the large amount of printers and locations to print, We cannot guarantee the colors you will get if you chose to print these images. We do make sure the colors used are printer friendly and compatible, but we cannot guarantee the colors will be exact, printers tend to print with different tones. (CMYK) Colors will vary slightly from monitor to monitor.